Learning Support

Learning Support starts and continues in the classroom, inclusivity is at the heart of our school. There will always be students who have greater needs than others, or that access learning in different ways and consequently need alternative approaches in teaching and learning. Quality first teaching is central to effective support of students with learning needs and it is recognised that every teacher is a teacher of children with special needs.

Where a student is entered onto the SEND register due to their needs being greater than can be met solely by quality differentiated teaching, a support structure is available with qualified provision to supply additional help and expertise. Where necessary this provision can be supported by external assessments to identify learning needs and recommend strategies to effectively support the student in a very personalised way. There is significant emphasis placed on maintaining the wider objective that wherever possible the student will remain included as part of their peer group in meeting their social and emotional needs as well as addressing their learning needs.

Students are at the centre of our efforts and are simply the most important personnel in the entire school.  We firmly believe that every student is an individual, having individual abilities, needs and learning styles that need to be specifically provided for.

At Linton Park Campus, students have a clear sense of ownership, belonging and contribution to the good of the whole.  Peer support and teamwork is strong, and this tends to spread across age ranges and year groups quite freely creating a genuine community feel to the environment.

Teachers consistently find they are creative, interested and converse well with adults

We have an active School Council that facilitates a structured approach to the power of student voice and allows it to have a meaningful impact on school organisation and activity.

Learning Support (SEND) Policy v5 March 2019

SEND Information Report

SEND Local Offer (Kent)

SEND Local Offer (East Sussex)

SEND Local Offer (Bromley)

SEND Local Offer (Medway)

AGT and EHCP policies are available on request