Full Inspection by the School Inspection Service – December 2016


The key inspection judgements for this school are:

  • The quality of education Outstanding 1
  • Students’ personal development Outstanding 1
  • Safeguarding students’ welfare health and safety Outstanding 1
  • Leadership, management and governance Outstanding 1

Linton Park Inspection Report Dec16


Monitoring Report by the School Inspection Service – March 2014

Summary of main findings:

  • Linton Park School is a GOOD school with OUTSTANDING features.
  • The quality of education is GOOD.
  • The curriculum and teaching are GOOD; a quarter of all lessons seen were OUTSTANDING.
  • The systems of assessment and for identifying pupils with additional learning needs are OUTSTANDING.
  • The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils is OUTSTANDING.
  • The school makes OUTSTANDING provision for pupils’ welfare, health and safety; the standard of the premises and accommodation is also excellent.

School Inspection Service Monitoring Report March 2014


Full Inspection by the School Inspection Service – March 2011





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