In September 2018, students came back to a brand new, fully equipped Primary Learning Centre, with adaptable working areas, colourful furnishings, break-out rooms and a wet studio, all designed to allow flexibility and creativity in learning. Now, self-directed learning is beginning to be embedded into the culture with even the youngest students, so that as they go through school, they have already developed good habits that will assist them further in their learning journeys.

“You can take your shoes off in any part of the SDL space – it makes you feel relaxed and comfortable!”

“The best thing is that when we do reading we can lie down, and when you lie down you read better!”

“I like the cushions because it makes me feel at home.”

“I really enjoy being able to work on my own in the environment that suits me best.”

“With a nice environment it makes you positive and makes you want to work more!”

“Working comfortably in the midst of colours is something truly incredible!”